3D printing

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3D printing in the highest quality

We are now quite experienced with regard to 3D printing, as we have already used this in our own end products in recent years. We also offer 3D printing as sub-deliveries. We have in-house two different technologies as described below:

SLA – Stereolithography

SLA – Stereolithography is a process that takes place by having a large vessel with an epoxy resin that is liquid, and a building plan that sinks into this liquid with the layer thickness, which can be down to 0.05 mm. For each layer, a laser hardens the actual contour in each layer, thereby building the part. SLA is today the technology that provides the most detailed items, either for a final product or for prototypes. The items can then be processed with sanding, painting, or whatever you want. The construction area is 380 x 380 x 250 mm. and it allows for prints over 500 mm. diagonally, depending on the width of the item.

Printer: 3D systems Projet 7000

FDM – fused deposition modeling

FDM – fused deposition modeling is a process that takes place by making a coil consisting of a nylon thread with added carbon. Using an extruder, the wire is guided through a hose and up to a heated nozzle. The wire is now laid out on the printed board layer by layer with a layer thickness down to 0.1 mm. In addition, the printer can supply reinforced materials, carbon fiber, kevlar, glass fiber, etc. for specified layers to achieve greater strength. The printer is really good for printing smaller fittings, hinges, etc. where strength is required. The construction area is 230 x 150 x 150 mm.

Printer: Markforged MKII

3D-print from Rimbøl Teknik