Linear feeders

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Below you will find a few examples of the construction of linear feeders. The products are highly customised and are available in nearly all sizes and designs, depending on the application.

We shall be happy to assist with proposals for the design of your particular application.

Linear feeders can be made in lengths from approx. 150 mm to nearly infinite length, as we are able to combine several feeder units into one large feeder.

Years ago, linear feeders posed problems in any production – either they would work well in the inlet section while being nearly ineffective in the discharge section – or vice versa.
This is now a problem of the past after RNA has designed the new SLL feeder type, where the spring angles can be individually adjusted, making it possible to accomplish a very homogenous feed flow to ensure a constant, reliable production.

In the download section you will find a selection of 3D files of some of our standard sizes, allowing you to see how much space they take up.